Frequently Asked Questions


How do I reserve my wedding date?

  • Please fill out a wedding appointment request form. We will get back to you and inform you if your wedding date is still available. If it is, you will be encouraged at your cake tasting to put down a non-refundable deposit of $50 to reserve your wedding date. We accept very few weddings per weekend and some dates fill up faster than others. For that reason, we will accept deposits to hold dates well in advance of your tasting if you request to do so.

When will you deliver our cake?

  • We will set up a “window of time” with your caterer /venue. This window is approximately a two-hour span. Please advise your caterer/venue to have your cake table ready with a linen on it prior to our arrival. We will call your caterer/venue the week of your wedding to set up this delivery window of time. If you have any special delivery questions or requirements, please let us know at the time of your consultation.

We have a cake topper. Do we bring it to you?

  • No, please leave your topper ON the cake table. It must be on the table when we arrive, or we will not place it. If you have a topper, let us know in advance, there is a place on your contract for this important info. We like to know ahead of time if a topper is particularly heavy, or tippy, so that we can make any necessary preparations for its placement. Upon delivery, if we feel that your topper is unstable, and may fall, we will not place it on the cake, but will display it next to the cake.

What about fresh flowers?

  • Generally, your florist will leave fresh flowers on the cake table for us to put on the cake at delivery. If you would like for us to work with your florist directly, please give us their contact information.

A friend is cutting our cake for us. Any advice?

  • Yes! We can provide a cutting guide. It’s a diagram on how to cut the cake into the correct number of servings. If you think your caterer should have one, let us know! We can bring a copy when we deliver. We can also email one to you in advance of the wedding.

When is our balance due?

  • All details, including balance due, any changes to style, serving count, flavor, set up, must be taken care of 2 weeks before the wedding day. We will contact you at the 2 week mark if the details have not been solidified previously.

What is a groom’s cake?

  • A groom’s cake is a separate cake, made to honor the groom and usually representing something the groom loves. It’s the groom’s choice of cake and filling but is often a surprise gift from the bride. We have made groom’s cakes to resemble gaming consoles, cars, beer cans, snowmobiles, favorite sports, and so much more!

Should we freeze our top tier for our first anniversary?

  • No need! We offer a FREE 6″ cake for you and your spouse on your first anniversary. All you have to do is give us a call 2 weeks ahead of your anniversary and let us know you’d like to pick up an anniversary cake. We will replicate the top tier of your wedding cake for you to share! Fresh cake and you get to use all of your servings on your wedding day!

Can you charge my balance to my credit card?

  • We can, if you call in the credit card number to us. We do not keep credit card info on file for this purpose.